Bio: I have been shooting for about 5 years now. Started with a point and shoot that I picked up at Bestbuy. I wanted to be able to share with my friends the cool things I did. I quickly found out that I Loved taking pictures of Nature! I have never been and don't think I ever will be a photographer that takes pictures of people. As I spent more time traveling and seeing beautiful locations I started reserching the places and finding pictures that blew my mind. So I quickly came to the conclusion that I Needed something more then a point and Shoot, so about 3 years ago I got my self my first DSLR. As I learned more about shooting I picked up more equipment. I have always be a Trial and Error kind of student and photography was much the same. This last year I upgraded to a Full Frame Camera and I don't think I will ever look back. Photography will always be a hobby for me. I don't want to make it a profession, That makes it to much like work and I use photography as my escape from work every chance I get.

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Always shoot in the Direction your going, Never where you have been

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